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Stainless Steel Tool Wrap

Blank rectangular square on box top setup to accept a custom label with your company logo and information.

-  Stainless Steel Tool Wrap is typically used in heat treating applications to

   eliminate scale and discoloration of parts. It also protects parts from oxide


-  No special controlled atmospheric furnaces are required.

-  321-ANN for heat treating of parts up to 2000 degrees F.

-  309-ANN for heat treating of parts up to 2400 degrees F.

-  Material is of the highest quality making it easy to fold and form. No oxide

   on foil.

-  Standard material available:  .002" x 20.00", 24.00"

-  More efficient width along with a better yield due to increased footage.


-  40.00" wide material available upon request. Great for wrapping of large parts.

-  If you have a custom width, please ask - we can help!

-  Our packaging allows for the material to be easily dispensed directly from the

   box. The foil unwinds freely. 

-  Sturdy box design protects material in shipping and is great for storage.

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