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What We Do Best ...

Can't Find it

We can't help you find your car keys but we can help you find that special foil gauge or alloy! 

Small Run

Are you developing a new product? We can help you with trial material to launch a new program!

Need it Fast

Take advantage of our rush order service, consignment, and stocking programs for JIT deliveries!

      US FOILS, INC. is a unique foil company specializing in light gauges, and narrow widths.  We have slitting capabilities down to .0002" thick and .100" wide and our knowledge of the many applications and end uses for foil allow us to help your company with hard to find requirements. We can also customize a program to fit your specific needs.

      Many of our materials meet industry specifications including DFARS, REACH, RoHS, and various MIL-SPECs. We do not charge a fee for issuing this documentation or Certificates of Compliance.

     US FOILS welcomes the challenge of offering a value added process to your foil supply.  If there is a process within your plant which you would like to eliminate, please consider having us preprocess the foil to your specifications and supply you with a competitive pre-fabricated composite material.

​   ​​

     CALL US TODAY at (888) 643-2848 and let us know how we can best support your efforts!

Narrow Slitting

Quality System


The processing and distributing of light gauge metals to various industries

D430181 Rev 10/2/23


Management and all associates of US Foils, Inc. are committed to the following vision:  To be a continuously improving, total quality organization for the processing and distribution of thin gauge metals.  Each associate is responsible for the quality of any job reaching his/her workstation and continuous process improvement is the ultimate goal.

D5201 Rev. 1/19/23

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