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Specialty Finishes

     US FOILS, INC. also provides specialty products and services such as laminates, coatings, forming, die-cutting, and embossed patterns. 

     In addition, the following specialty plating, etching, and brushing services are available:


  •  Nickel Plating
  •  Silver Plating
  •  Tin Plating (Hot Tin, or Electroplated)
  •  Chemically Etched Surfaces
  •  Mechanically Etched Surfaces
Colored Foil
Embossed Foil

Aluminum with Blue Tint

Embossed Stainless

     We provide these services in coil form for your continuous run requirements, and in foil gauges as well as sheet gauges.  Please inquire by calling us at (888) 643-2848 as each request will need to be evaluated for availability and optimal size capacity.

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